#1 carne asada/Grilled steak $14.50

Ensalada/salad, arroz/rice, frijoles/beans, 2 tortillas

#2 chips con carne/ chips w/ground beef $11.00

Beans,Pico de Gallo,vegetables,avocado,jalapeño

#3 nerys platter: 1 pupusa, 1 taco, 1 gordita, 1 tamal $13.50

Tomatoes sauce,pico de gallo,hot sauce,cabbage,

#4 torta mexicana/mexican sandwich


Pollo/chicken $8.50

Carne/steak $8.75

#5 pan con pollo $8.50

Chicken breast sandwich lettuce , mixed vegetables, mayo and a hard-boiled egg.

#6 Sopas - Soups

Sopa de Frijoles  Price $10.00
Bean soup with beef short ribs and vegetables.

Sopa de Res     Price $10.50

Beef soup with short ribs, vegetables and corn.

Sopa de Gallina Price $10.25

Chicken soup with vegetables and corn.

#7 camarones/shrimps

Rice, beans,salad 2 tortillas

Rancheros/rancher, $14.75

A la diabla $14.75

En crema w/cream $14.75

#8 Mojarra frita/tilapia fish $12.50

Whole fried tilapia w/ salad,rice,beans, and 2 hand made corn tortillas $12.50

#9 pollo en crema/chicken w/cream $11.00

Salad,rice,beans, and 2 hand made tortillas

#10 filete de tilapia/tilapia fillet $9.99

Salad,beans,rice, and 2 hand made tortillas

#11 pechuga asada/grilled chicken $10.50

Salad,beans,rice and 2 hand made tortillas

#12 fajitas mix $15.75

pollo/chicken,carne/steak,camarones/shrimps Salad,rice,beans, 2tortillas 

Pollo/chicken $13.50

Carne/Steak $14.50

Camarones/shrimps $15.75

#13 steak&cheese or chicken Philly $8.50

fries,grilled onions,green peppers,lettuce,tomatoes

#14 tamales pollo/chicken or elote/corn

2 Chicken comes w/ cabbage tomatoes sauce $6.00.each$3.25

2 corn fried or steamed comes w/sour cream $5.00, each2.50

#15 yuca con chicharron/yuca w/chunk of pork $9.75

Cabbage, pico de Gallo,tomatoes sauce,

#16 pasteles/turnovers

3pc chicken or ground beef, carrots, potatoes, w/cabbage, tomatoes sauce 

Pollo/chicken $8.50

Carne/ground beef $9.50

#17 flautas de pollo/fried chicken taquitos $8.00

Lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, Parmesan cheese,avocado,mayo

#18 desayuno savadoreño/typical breakfast $8.75

Scramble eggs w/ vegetables, sweet plantains,beans,hardcheese,cream,avocado,2 tortillas 

#19 pupusas

2pc corn or rice dough hand made tortilla filled with cheese and !

choices of add $.25c for rice dough 

Revuelta/mix pork,beans,

Chicharron/pork $3.00each 

Frijoles/beans Vfj








Camarones/shrimps $3.25

#20 Taquitos Mexicanos

3 street tacos on soft corn tortillas, topped with pico de gallo, side hot sauce Choice of:
Chicken     Price $8.50
Steak       Price $8.75
Chorizo     Price $8.45
Al Pastor   Price $8.50
Beef tongue Price$8.60

Carnitas     Price$8.45

Fish     Price$8.55

Ground beef   Price$8.45

Shrimp    Price$9.50

#21 Quesadillas

12” Large grilled flour tortilla with cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes side guacamole, sour cream, and choice of meat:
Chicken      Price $10.00
Steak         Price $11.00
Shrimp        Price $12.00

Carnitas.    Price $9.50

Cheese.     Price$7.99   

Chorizo.     price$9.85

Fish.         Price$9.99

Ground beef. Price$8.88

Pastor.       Price$10.25

Shrimp.         Price$12.00

Beef tongue  price$10.60

#22 Gorditas 2 per order

Corn tortilla stuffed with cheese and your choice of meat sides pico de gallo, hot sauce and choice of meat: 

Chicken Price $8.35

Carnitas price $8.45

Mexican sausage $8.50

Fish.    Price $8.35

Fried eggs price $8.00

Ground beef price $8.35

Pastor  price $8.35
Shrimp price $10.00

Steak.  Price $8.50

Beef tongue Price $8.60

#  23 burritos

Pollo - chicken $8.50

Carne - steak $8.75

Pastor-marinated pork $8.85

Lengua-beef tongue $8.90

Chorizo-sausage $8.75

Camaron-shrimp $9.75

Pezcado-fish $8.60

Chicharron-carnitas $8.65

A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla that is usually filled with a blend of Chicken, Beef, Pork and Cheese.


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